A Will is an important document to help ensure your affairs are dealt with as you wish, when the time comes.  While you may not wish to think about dying, it is essential to outline what should happen to your assets when you do eventually die. By writing your Will you’re making sure your wishes are fulfilled and your assets – like your home, money and treasured items – are going to the people that matter in your life.

When you die your assets are not automatically transferred to your partner or family. If you die without a Will (Intestate) then your family may not necessarily have the legal right to your assets. Writing a Will can be a quick and easy to understand process which provides the peace of mind that your loved ones will be secure financially, when the time comes.

Write Your Will

There are 5 reasons we believe everybody with a mortgage should have a Will:

  1. Now you own property, you need to make sure it goes to the right people when you die
  2. If you don’t have a Will it is going to take much longer to wind up the estate, potentially causing problems with mortgage payments
  3. It is going to cause additional hassle and worry to those left behind, if you don’t have a Will – whether it is your partner or family
  4. It is going to be more expensive to wind up your estate. If you own a house, your estate definitely has to be confirmed by the Courts and the lack of a Will means more expense in doing that
  5. A Will is simply a way of rounding off your protection

Will writing is not part of the Quilter Financial Planning offering and is offered in our own right. Quilter Financial Planning accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. This is a referral only service.