Pivotal Financial Planning Is Your Trusted Financial Advisory Service.

Pivotal Financial Planning is part of the ER Network which was established in 2005. Pivotal Financial Planning is an all-encompassing nationwide service to help you with a wide range of financial advice.

As specialists in the areas of mortgages, investments, insurance, pensions and asset protection, we can guide you to help meet your financial objectives. Whether you need a new low interest rate mortgage, advice on investments or pensions or perhaps you need support to protect your assets, Pivotal Financial Planning is on hand to help.

As professional financial advisers, we have the qualifications and expertise to help you whatever financial advice you may require.

What Do We Stand For?

At Pivotal Financial Planning we stand by our values when supporting every client. These values help guide us when providing advice and ensure every client receives an exceptional service.

Best Advice: This means we will complete a comprehensive review for every client and guarantee to provide the best advice for them, every time.

Reliability:  Delivering both speed and quality of service to our clients is equally important to everyone at Pivotal Financial Planning.

Supportive: We will support every client with confidential and tailored financial advice.

How Do We Get Paid?

After completing an initial fact find exercise we will then be able to advise you on the most suitable financial products for you.

In some instances, we will receive a fee when we are instructed to complete work on your behalf. This is known as a commission payment. The payment is made by the company we introduce you to. We will fully explain the fee structure prior to making the referral on your behalf so you are fully informed of the fee process.

We are a compliant and regulated financial advisory service and as such we follow strict legislation on how we are remunerated. For pension and investment solutions we are not allowed to receive a commission from a solution provider. Instead, our fees are provided through customer agreed remuneration. This can happen via two different routes. Firstly, you can pay us for our services directly and this will be considered as our fee. Alternatively, the charge is deducted from the investment or pension and passed from the solution provider to us. There are tax benefits when selecting the second option, however we can discuss the options fully and you can decide which is best for you.